Endowed with a voice of great personality, and with a long history in the music scene, singer María Cavaes, primarily self-taught, has developed her musical career through the various scenarios she has experienced, and taken advantage of her talent and natural intuition to further develop the inexhaustible musical language, particularly of jazz and Brazilian music.

From the young age of twelve, she is fully immersed in the world of the arts, surrounded by musicians, composers and poets, from whom she learns the true value of art and music, … and `the pleasure of sharing what one loves, communicating with others … ‘. These core values she cultivates with the passing of the years, to include them in her personal experience of life, which, in a necessary and inevitable way, she reflects and passes on as an artist.

In the beginning, and later on, she is primarily influenced by other innovative musicians surrounding her, greatly influenced by singer songwriters and the original Cuban music ( `Nueva Trova Cubana´, represented mainly by musicians such as Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés).  She begins to form her own style and personality as a singer and songwriter, also performing in different clubs and venues.

Driven by a great curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit and love for the visual arts, from this very young age she joins the theatre company ‘Teatro Estable’ in Algeciras to perform as an actress and singer in Garcia Lorca’s ‘Yerma’, songs that the Grenadian poet and playwright wrote and composed for it. With this company she performed in numerous tours at various theaters.

A singer trained in different styles: Folk, Singer songwriter, Pop, Bolero, Blues, Soul,…

These artistic and musical experiences are a preamble to discover in Jazz her true passion and musical destiny.

But before that, she would discover her other great passion: Brazilian Popular Music, through Samba or Bossanova, by studying and listening with admiration to renowned performers and composers such as Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Rosa Passos, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Joyce, Maria Bethania, Ivan Lins, …

It is in this music that María Cavaes has better expressed her musical talent as a singer.  The blend of sensuality, depth and personality in her voice is appreciated by those who hear it.

This musical richness and elegance can be appreciated in her stage performances, revealing her true identity and undisputed hallmark.

Training and musical collaborations:

1999-With Cuban pianist and saxophonist Rafael Garces and the group ‘Mestizo’, collaborated in various concerts organized by the department of culture of Seville Council.

2003-Her first foray at a demo recording in Cadiz, with the excellent Jazz trio Carlos Villoslada as saxophonist and producer,  Miguel A. López on piano and Jose López on bass.

2005-Another recording with the ‘Bossa Nostra Jazz Band’, presenting this work at the Municipal Theater in Ceuta and numerous other venues in this city and Andalucía.

2009-Familiarizes with the activities of the ‘Asociacion de Jazz de Gibraltar’, participating in the busy and appreciated Jam Sessions held at the O’Callaghan Eliot, having the opportunity to work further with some of the renowned musicians that often frequent this place.

2010-Singer of the Soul musical group ‘Costa Band’, based in Málaga, formed by musician of different nationalities.

Her wide versatility as a singer, great commitment, enthusiasm and initiative in the creation of different projects, together with her training in Duo, Trio, Quartet,… has allowed her to work with national and international musicians such as Juan Galiardo, David Lenker, Atsuko Simada, George Posso, Mitch Jansen, Stick Cook, Diego Suarez, Jonny Serrano, Rafael Arteaga, Emilio Marquez, Pancho Branas, Toni Mora, Andres Gonzalez, Javi Bermudez, Alejandro Tamayo, David Leon, Dagmar Fuentevilla, Oscar Bergillos, Miguel A. Reyes, Diego Villatoro, Jose Fajardo, Paco Perera, Oliver Lepinat, Rafael Arreciado, Markus Schneider, Marcelo Saenz, Leonardo Laperuta, James Gighi, Guillermo Morente, Victor Vallejo, Kuki Portellano, Carlos Pino, Enrique Oliver, Javier Forero,… and many others.

She has participated in several Jazz seminars, undertaking Master Workshops with highly regarded musicians and singers such as Jeri Di Marco, Gabrielle Goodman, Jerry Bergonzi, Dave Santoro and the spanish vibraphonist Arturo Serra.

Between 2012-2013 records and publishes her first self-produced album, entitled “My Self”, in which María is presented to the public showing a selection of well chosen Standards; adapted with the intention of providing a Contemporary Jazz sound, topical in concept, away from orthodox or conventional treatment and including some of her own work.

To achieve this project she is surrounded and helped with commitment and involvement by excellent musicians: Toni Mora, Juan Galiardo, David Gonzalez, and Paco Perera. Her work has achieved remarkable originality in the arrangements, integrating other types of sound like Soul or Pop,… and above all, an undeniable musical quality has come to light.

In short, María Cavaes presents herself as a singer of great sensitivity and interpretative gift, who has gradually been finding her own place inside the current spanish Jazz Scene.